Property Investment Personalised Workshop

We understand that property investment seminars are not for everyone – that’s why we specialise in providing our clients with personalised one-on-one workshops covering the basics of successfully investing in residential property.

Our workshops are tailored specifically to your individual requirements, whether that be to review your financial structure or simply to gain a better understanding of the basics.

What does the session cover?

After determining your level of knowledge surrounding property investment, we will deliver a personalised workshop covering:

  • Terms like negative gearing, depreciation, financial leverage, capital growth and how they apply to your financial situation
  • How the tax office assists you in purchasing a property
  • How to structure your finance to your specific situation to maximise returns
  • The difference between paying off your mortgage or investing in property
  • The advantages of protecting your risk in the event of loss of employment

What are the benefits for me?

When we say ‘personalised workshop’, we really mean it. Differing from property investment seminars, we will provide you with:

  • Your borrowing potential
  • A review of your current finance structure to ensure you are getting the lowest rates available
  • A personalised plan towards investing in property now and in the future to create a new portfolio or build upon your existing one
  • A timeline indicating when you may be in a position to buy your next property with available equity
  • Finance pre-approval
  • ‘Cash flow’ modelling of a typical investment property in your price range

You will leave your personalised workshop armed with all of the valuable information you require to successfully invest in property, specific to your unique circumstances.

Ready to find a property? Allow us to assist. We can show you through our extensive database of properties located in boutique developments with your investment plan in mind.

Contact us to find out more about our Property Investment Personalised Workshop or book your workshop today.

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