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Some Handy Information

Here’s a few questions that often get thrown our way. We will go through all of this with you when we meet face to face, but in case you want more information now, feel free to take a read of the below…

Who will explain all the terms for me in easy to understand language?

That’s an easy one – we will. You’ve probably heard terms like negative gearing, depreciation, financial leverage, yield etc and thought – WT? Stress not – it’s all part of the process – in fact it’s the first step – working out what you know and filling in the gaps for what you don’t.

What government incentives are available for investment?

The government are always keen on boosting the building industry and as such have offered a few government incentives along the way. It can be dependent on the state you are in and even what type of property you are looking to build but lets us show you what’s up for grabs. It can be a changing landscape but rest assured – if the government is handing it out – we’ll know about it.

What is the difference between buying an established property and building a new one?

There are many differences in buying versus building and all of them need to be taken into account. Probably the most immediate difference, apart from any government incentives, is the ability to claim depreciation of your property against your taxable income. This can result in a difference of $000’s in tax refunds over a year. It makes absolute sense to work out the financial implications of buying versus building before you start looking at property. The government have changed the rules on what you can and can’t claim recently so its best to get the up to date information. Lets chat about that one too!

If you’d like to calculate what your Depreciation Schedule would look like, just click here for a calculator.

I’ve heard the banks have made things too tough for borrowing on an investment property?

There’s definitely been a tightening in banks credit guidelines over the last few years. That said the competition between the banks has never been stronger. Don’t waste your time going to your bank to get the answers. Let us show you who will lend you what – and take control back.
It’s what we do!!

Let the experts give you the financial advice you need to make property investment work for you.

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