Where Finance Comes First

We believe understanding your finance structure is the key to successful property investment.

What is Property Road SA about?

We love Property Investment. We believe in it and the impact it can have on wealth creation. What we love more, though, is giving you clarity around how to go about it.

We realize there’s no shortage of “property investment experts” – but we’re here to work through your finances and make sure you understand how it all works – not peddle property.

What we do, is talk to you. When we talk to you, keep in mind:

  • Property Investment is full of jargon. There’s no need to feel silly, let us decipher it all for you.
  • It’s all well and good to want to buy an investment property, but there’s no point looking until you know your budget and have your finance
    structure sorted.
  • We can source you an investment property, if you’d like us to.

Finance and Education comes first

Property Investment is a personal thing and there is no “one size fits all” application. Everyone’s personal situations and goals are different so it is
important to take this into account and work with someone who will look at what is best for YOU.

This is what we do.

We look at your finances first. We calculate your borrowing potential (because who wants to go shopping without a budget). We show you what life could look like with an investment property in 5-10 years’ time. We help you feel comfortable with where you’re at and all along will fill in the gaps with what you don’t know – that’s important!

Then we can research properties for you… if you want us to. We do have access to leading builders Australia-wide, so we’re pretty sure we can find something that’ll fit for your situation or alternatively if you’ve found one you’re keen on – let us cast the ruler over it for you.

Our Heritage

We are part of the Zobel Group of companies. Zobel was established in 1999 and are one of the most awarded and reputable broker companies in the country. Zobel has 6 offices and continue to provide financial services for hundreds of clients each year in South Australia and Victoria. You can find out more on their range of services at

Let the experts give you the financial advice you need to make property investment work for you.

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